Is Money Your Friend... or Foe?


Living paycheck to paycheck barely squeaking by is definitely not having an enjoyable life.


If you’re one of those people who work hard yet just can’t seem to get ahead in life, the main obstacle to your success just might be your mindset around money.


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Money Mindset: How Changing My Mind About Money Helped Me to Succeed As An Entrepreneur!


This ebook is jammed full with ways to change your beliefs around money... and how to attract your desires around wealth. The author shares practical shortcuts to altering the negative thoughts that may be stopping you from achieving the life you deserve.


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About the Author


Debbie Adams is an edupreneur who inspires people to set big goals and believes that, if people have the courage, they can do amazing things. A woman with gentle strength and a speaker with soul and heart, she brings her unique combination of humour, personal experience, and boundless energy to serious topics like business, change, and money.


But Debbie wasn’t always like that. There was a time when she had a very unhealthy attitude about money, one that wasn’t conducive to attracting wealth. Debbie changed all that and she shares her secrets in this book. Her approach is one that worked when she finally had hit rock bottom with nowhere else to go but up. She went from living on a disability pension after going through bankruptcy, to owning her own training company and thriving. Her money mindset mattered and, if you’re dreaming big goals, yours does, too.


A former mechanic, Debbie also attended law school and was in the military. She is the owner of PeopleCan Training and lives in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada, with her daughter. When she is not teaching people how to live lives brimming with passion, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors connecting with her redneck roots. Debbie is very proud of her Newfoundland heritage and has learned to squeeze every ounce of joy from every single day.

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